At our cafe, we proudly embrace a completely plant-based ethos. Our menu focuses on bridging locally sourced ingredients with flavors that span the globe. We are an intentional business focused on sustainability, and by making the choice to serve culinary delights that don’t require animal ingredients or derivatives, we are making plant-based living more accessible. We’re excited to share this vibrant, compassionate approach to dining with you. Our doors are open to all—vegans, non-vegans, curious foodies alike—inviting you to explore and savor our creations. Within our kitchen, we also maintain a dedicated gluten-free oven, ensuring a selection of freshly baked, gluten-free goods available each day. Our co-owner, Brooke brings to the table a carefully developed unique gluten-free and vegan pastry offerings, crafted from her extensive coffee and food ventures across 22 nations. These are globally inspired recipes you won’t find anywhere else.

Join those who have already fallen for our specialties, like the decadent vegan chocolate croissants, the irresistible gluten-free blueberry muffins, and our signature, scratch-made burritos!

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Third Space Coffee Vegan Menu - Bentonville, AR
ALT TEXT: "Vegan food menu at Third Space Coffee in Bentonville, AR featuring burritos and gluten-free baked goods