Josemiguel Gomez, Don Sutton, and Brooke Bierhaus Sutton are the founders and owners of Third Space Coffee with over two decades of coffee industry experience, the triple-threat founders bring their own unique stamp to their relationship with coffee. The team formed in 2021 after Josemiguel and Brooke met while filming a documentary for Quapaw Nation of Oklahoma. Third Space Coffee’s first shop is located on the ancestral lands of Quapaw, Caddo, and Osage. This connection makes our location extremely special for us.



Our shared passion for coffee, community, and animals merged together to form a true dream business. Third Space Coffee in Bentonville, Arkansas is our first coffee shop. When co-founder, Brooke met with the Best Friends Campaign Director while filming a TV segment on BFAS’s mission to #SaveThemAll, the plans for the Pet Resource Center were in full swing. Brooke, Josemiguel, and Don decided shortly after that this was the perfect spot to run their dream coffee shop and had to throw their hat in the ring. After their proposal was selected to become the coffee shop inside the first of its kind Pet Resource Center, the real work began! Our vision as an experience led, sustainable and 100% vegan coffee shop coincides with the mission of BFAS Pet Resource Center.

The three co-founders and owners of Third Space hold true to a vision of quality coffee, a strong sense of community, a welcoming atmosphere, eco-sustainable business practices, and a space with authentic kindness for all creatures.